Articles on Photoelectron and Other Spectroscopies
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  • M. Kallmayer, H.-J. Elmers, B. Balke,  S. Wurmehl, F. Emmerling, G.H. Fecher, and C. Felser; Magnetic properties of Co2Mn1-xFexSi Heusler alloys; J. Phys. D.: Appl. Phys. 39 (2006)
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  • 2004

  • G.Tsilimis, G.H.Fecher, J.Braun, J.Kutzner, and H.Zacharias;Observation of high-energy Pt(111) surface states excited by laser-generated XUV radiation; Appl. Phys. A 78 (2004) 177
  • 2002

  • G.H.Fecher, V.V.Kuznetsov, N.A.Cherepkov, and G.Schönhense;The Influence of the Symmetry on the Circular Dichroism in Angular Resolved Core-level Photoemission; J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 122 (2002) 157
  • R.Denecke, J.Morais, G.H.Fecher, R.X.Ynzunza, J.G.Menchero, J.Liesegang, J.Kortright, Z.Hussain, and C.S.Fadley; Angular and temperature dependence of the magnetic circular dichroism in 4d core-level photoemission from Gd(0001); Phys.Rev. B 65 (2002) 245421
  • A.Oelsner, J.Morais, M.Schicketanz, G.H.Fecher, and G.Schönhense; An Experimental  Proof of the Back-scattering Model for Dichroic Effects in VUV-photoemission;Surf.Rev.Lett. 9 (2002) 889
  • G.H.Fecher, J.Braun, A.Oelsner, Ch.Ostertag, and G.Schönhense;Dichroism in Angular Resolved Photoemission from Pt(111); Surf.Rev.Lett. 9 (2002) 883
  • M.Schicketanz, A.Oelsner, J.Morais, G.H.Fecher, and G.Schönhense; Magnetic Coupling of Alakali and Rare-Gas Films Adsorbed on a Ferromagnetic Surface; Surf.Rev.Lett.9 (2002) 895
  • V.V.Kuznetsov, N.A.Cherepkov, G.H.Fecher, and G.Schönhense;Angular Distributions and Dichroism of Photoelectrons Ejected from Fixed-In-Space Molecules of Definite Symmetry: Applications to the C2v Symmetry Group; J.Chem.Phys.117 (2002) 7180
  • 2001

  • G.H.Fecher, B.Schmied, A.Oelsner,  G.Schönhense; Temperature-dependent Angular Resolved UV-Photoemission  Spectroscopy from CeNi2Ge2 ; J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 114-116 (2001) 747
  • G.H.Fecher; The Temperature Dependence of the Circular Dichroism in Angular Resolved Photoemission from Rare  Earth Surfaces: Gd(0001); J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 114-116 (2001) 1165
  • G.H.Fecher, J.Morais, J.Liesegang, J.Braun, A.Oelsner, M.Günther, M.Schicketanz, G.Schönhense;Spin Polarization and Dichroism in ARUPS from Thin Rare Earth Films; J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 114-116 (2001) 1171
  • J.Morais, A.Oelsner, G.Schönhense, R.Landers, A.de Siervo, G.G.Kleimann, G.H.Fecher; Photoemission   from Pt(111)-(hex)Rb and Pt(111)-(4x1)RbO using Polarized Synchrotron Radiation ; J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 114-116 (2001) 345
  • J.Morais, G.H.Fecher, R.Denecke, J.Liesegang, C.S.Fadley; Dichroism in Angular Resolved XPS from Gadolinium Core-level; J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 114-116 (2001) 783
  • 2000

  • N.A.Cherepkov and G.H.Fecher; Spin Polarization of Photoelectrons from the 5d-Shell of Polarized Atoms: Application to the Gd 5dz² Surface State; Phys.Rev. B 61 (2000) 2561
  • J.Morais, G.H.Fecher, R.Denecke, and C.S.Fadley; Magnetic Dichroism in Core-level Photoemission from Gd(0001); J.Appl.Phys. 87 (2000) 4900
  • S.K.Semenov, N.A.Cherepkov, G.H.Fecher and G.Schönhense; Generalization of Atomic RPA Method for Diatomic Molecules: N2 Photoionization Cross Section Calculation; Phys.Rev. A 61 (2000)
  • 1999

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  • G.H.Fecher, B.Schmied, G.Schönhense; Temperature Dependent ARUPS from the Heavy Fermion Compound CeNi2Ge2(001); J.Elec.Spec.Rel.Phen. 101-103 (1999) 771
  • V.V.Kuznetsov, N.A.Cherepkov, G.H.Fecher,  and G.Schönhense; Angular Distributions of Photoelectrons ejected from Fixed-In-Space Molecules of C3vSymmetry Group;  J.Chem.Phys. 110 (1999) 9997
  • A.Oelsner, G.H.Fecher, M.Schicketanz,  G.Schönhense; Determining optical properties of adsorbate  covered surfaces by dichroism in VUV-photoemission; Surf.Sci. 433-435 (1999) 53
  • A.Oelsner, G.H.Fecher; Photoelectron-holography using circularly polarized light; J.Elec.Spec.Rel Phen. 101-103 (1999) 455
  • 1998

  • G.H.Fecher, A.Oelsner, M.Schicketanz, G.Schönhense; The Dependence of Dichroism in VUV-Photoemission on the Optical Properties of Adsorbates: Cs-Monolayer on W(110); J.Elec.Spec.Rel Phen. 88-91 (1998) 185
  • M.Getzlaff, B.Schmied, M.Wilhelm,  U.Kübler, G.H.Fecher, J.Bansmann, L.Lu, G.Schönhense; k-resolved Electronic Properties of Ternary Heavy Fermion Systems; Phys.Rev.B58 (1998) 9670
  • B.Schmied, G.H.Fecher, C.M.Schneider,  G.Schönhense; Preparation of Thin Layers of the Heavy  Fermion System CeNi2Ge2; Appl.Phys. A66 (1998) 385
  • 1997

  • G.H.Fecher, Ch.Grünewald, M.Merkel,  Ch.Ostertag, A.Oelsner, G.Schönhense, Th.Jentzsch, H.J.Jüpner; Dichroism in Angular Resolved Photoemission from Pure and  Rb-doped C60 and C22H14 Layers on Platinum  and Tungsten; Thin Solid Films 303 (1997) 58.
  • M.Schicketanz, A.Oelsner, J.Morais,  Th.Jentzsch, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; The Dependence of Circular Dichroism in Photoemission on the Optical Properties of Cs Monolayers on Pt(111); Surf Sci. 377-379 (1997) 432
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  • B.Schmied, M.Wilhelm, U.Kübler, M.Getzlaff, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; Electron-spectroscopic Investigations on Ternary HFS: CeT2X2; Physica B 230-232 (1997) 290
  • B.Schmied, M.Wilhelm, U.Kübler, M.Getzlaff, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; Angular Resolved Electron Spectroscopy from (110)-surfaces of Ternary Ce-based Intermetallics: CePd2Si2, CeNi2Ge2; Surf Sci. 377-379(1997) 251
  • Ch.Ostertag, J.Paul, N.A.Cherepkov,  A.Oelsner, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; Dichroism in VUV-Photoemission  from the (0001)-Surfaces of Ultrathin Gd and Nd Films on W(110); Surf Sci. 377-379 (1997) 427
  • 1996

  • M.Getzlaff, J.Paul, M.Günther, J.Bansmann, G.H.Fecher, Ch.Ostertag, G.Schönhense; Oxygen adsorbed on rare earth surfaces; Surf Sci. 352-364 (1996) 123
  • Ch.Ostertag, A.Oelsner, M.Schicketanz, O.Schmidt, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; Circular Dichroism in Photoemission from Xe and Kr on Pt(111); Surf Sci. 352-354 (1996) 179
  • 1995

  • G.H.Fecher, A.Oelsner, Ch.Ostertag, G.Schönhense; Enhancement of circular dichroism in photoemission from adsorbates by photoelectron diffraction; J.Elec.Spect. Rel.Phen. 76 (1995) 97
  • G.H.Fecher, A.Oelsner, Ch.Ostertag,  G.Schönhense; Investigation of Alkali metals and Noble gases adsorbed on Transition metals using circular dichroism in angular  resolved photoemission; J.Elec.Spect. Rel.Phen. 76 (1995)  289
  • G.H.Fecher; The solid surface as origin of circular dichroism in the angular distribution of photoelectrons from spherical states of adsorbates; Europhys.Lett. 29 (1995) 605
  • A.Oelsner, G.H.Fecher, Ch.Ostertag,  Th.Jentzsch, G.Schönhense; Dichroic effects in photoemission  from pure and oxidised Rubidium and Potassium monolayers on Platinum(111);  Surf.Sci. 331-333 (1995) 349
  • Ch.Ostertag, J.Bansmann, Ch.Grünewald, Th.Jentzsch, A.Oelsner, G.H.Fecher, G.Schönhense; The influence  of a linear photon polarisation on measurements of the circular dichroism  in photoemission; Surf.Sci. 331-333 (1995) 1197
  • 1994

  • G.H.Fecher, J.Bansmann, Ch.Grünewald, A.Oelsner, Ch.Ostertag, G.Schönhense; Oxidation of rubidium at platinum (111); Surf.Sci. 307-309 (1994) 70
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