On the following pages you will find information about my publications in journals and my conference contributions Most of the articles are available as pdf-files  from the online services of the journals: List of Online Journals

 All  articles published in refereed journals or books

 Other Articles published in annual reports of synchrotron facilities

The papers are sorted roughly by their contents on the following pages:

     Magnetic Materials and Higly Correlated Electrons: papers on Heusler Compounds, Heavy Fermion Compounds and Rare Earth Metals

     Microscopy: papers on Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM), PEEM and Two Photon Photoemission, etc.

     Spectroscopy: papers on Photoelectron Spectroscopy and particularly Dichroism in Photoemission

     Theory: papers on electronic structure calculations and photoemission theory

     Oriented Molecules; papers on experiments with free oriented NO molecules

 Conference Contributions

 Abstracts of recent conference contributions

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